Friends Pack ~ 2 x The Wish

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Our Friends Pack is the perfect way for you and your bestie to start wishing together ~ 1 x Wish for each of you!!

Sharing our spiritual lessons and personal growth with other kindred souls always makes the journey (and breakthroughs!) that much sweeter AND a lot more powerful.  That’s because we are starting to work with the energy of ‘Vesica Pisces’ ~ the foundational energy of the Flower of Life which is the gateway to expanded levels of abundance and flow!

AND this ‘Double Wish’ pack is also ideal for Energy Coaches who are wanting to start wishing with their clients!  

Keep 1 x Wish for your own personal use +  use 1 x Wish with your clients to help facilitate their spiritual ‘awakening’ and fast track the achievement of personal goals.

PLUS it gives you the option to use your 2 x Wishes to start hosting your own small group Wish events!  It’s a creative, easy and fun way to expand your client base and build your business network.



Each copy of The Wish® includes:

  • 1 x The Wish® Silk (playing ‘board’)
  • 8 x The Wish® Crystals
  • 8 x The Wish® Crystal Cards
  • 1 x The Wish® Dice (8 sided)
  • 398 x The Wish® Cards including:
    • Pearl of Wisdom (71 cards)
    • Abundance (71 cards)
    • Intention (62 cards)
    • Forgiveness & Release (62 cards)
    • Creativity & Freedom (35 cards)
    • Universal Truth (35 cards)
    • Blocks (35 cards)
    • Freewill (27 cards)
  • 1 x The Wish® Notepad
  • 1 x The Wish® Pencil
  • 1 x The Wish® Instruction Booklet

The Wish can be played by 1-8 players and is suitable for ages 13 yrs and over.


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