The Wish ~ New Year Special!

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1 x The Wish beautifully gift wrapped with a blank greeting card ready for gifting.

Bring your family and friends together these Holidays to share a game of The Wish!  It’s the perfect way to open up heart to heart conversations and celebrate the joy and happiness of making wishes come true with those you love.

The Wish includes:

    • The Wish Silk playing board
    • 398 The Wish Playing Cards
    • 8 The Wish Crystals and 8 Crystal Cards
    • The Wish Instruction Booklet
    • 8 sided Wish Dice
    • 1 Wish Action Notepad and 1 Wish pencil


The Wish can be played on your own or with a group of up to 8 players (1-8 players).



The Wish has been created to be played on specially designed silk, a fabric which has long been recognised as embodying the energy of prosperity and abundance. The Wish Silk is beautiful yet simple. It is light and gentle to touch, yet strong and resilient of character, able to withstand a lifetime of Wish journeys.

The Wish blue reflects the brilliance of the Universal sky and calibrates at the highest frequency. The silver markings on the silk and the silver gilt edging on The Wish cards represent the silver lining that forms part of every wish that is heard and answered by the Universe!

Integral to The Wish is the symbol of Infinity. Infinity knows no limit! It opens you up to the endless number of ways your wish can be fulfilled.

The Wish contains numerous elements of sacred geometry and symbolism within its design. The Wish cards include Abundance, Blocks, Creativity & Freedom, Forgiveness & Release, Pearls of Wisdom and Universal Truth and Free Will.

And if you look closely you will notice The Wish stars on the edge of the silk are Fibonacci Spirals forming waves of energy and the 4 directions of the Universal compass.

Most importantly The Wish works with the numerology of 1 (Self), 7 (Higher Order) and 8 (Universal Flow) which are the key energies for making your wishes come true!


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