Bracelet Collection ~ All 8 Wish Bracelets*

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The Wish Crystal Bracelets match the 8* specially selected Wish Crystals used as the playing pieces in The Wish.

  • Aventurine ~ Apple Green
  • Clear Quartz ~ Transparent
  • Dalmatian Jasper ~ Cream and Black Spots
  • Gold Tiger’s Eye ~ Brown-Yellow-Gold Bands
  • Hematite ~ Shiny Silver Metallic
  • Orange Calcite ~ Orange
  • Rose Quartz ~ Pink
  • Sodalite ~ Dark Blue with White Striations


*Please note the 8 Wish Crystal Bracelets listed and displayed match the 8 Wish Crystals included in the current version of The Wish. 



Increase your energetic connection to your wishes by wearing the matching Wish Bracelet during your games!

Each of the 8 Wish Crystals have been specially chosen for their unique energetic properties:

    • Aventurine ~ Leadership. Decisiveness. Perseverance. Opportunity. Vision.
    • Clear Quartz ~ Powerful Healing. Energy Amplification. Clarity. Concentration. Purpose
    • Dalmatian Jasper ~ Fun. Excitement. Spontaneity. Celebration.
    • Gold Tiger’s Eye ~ Protection. Grounding. Focus. Personal Power. Optimism.
    • Hematite ~ Reflection. Grounding. Insight. Confidence. Courage.
    • Orange Calcite ~ Motivation. Imagination. Energising. Opportunity. Joy.
    • Rose Quartz ~ Love. Passion. Vitality. Strength.
    • Sodalite ~ Unites Logic & Intuition. Insight. Communication. Harmony. Interaction.

All 8 Wish Crystal Bracelets are one size fits all and include approximately 15 individual crystals.

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