The Wish Holiday Super Special ~ Give 1 Get 1!

$250.00 $180.00

LOVE THE WISH?  Then take advantage of our Holiday Super Special ~ Give 1 Get 1!!

Buy 2 x Wish Games so you can give one to a friend and get one for yourself!

Both Wish games come beautifully gifted wrapped with a blank greeting card so all you have to do is pop your pressies under the Xmas tree!

Normally valued at $250 ~ NOW ONLY $180! 




THE WISH GAME is the perfect present for your family and friends (and you!) this Holiday Season.

Imagine making a Wish for something special with those you love and celebrating your New Year with your wishes coming true!!

The Wish is the amazing transformational energy game that has thousands of people around the world to manifest their greatest wishes for financial freedom, true love, their dream job, life purpose, health and wellbeing, peace and happiness.

Each Wish® game includes:

    • The Wish® Silk playing board
    • 398 The Wish® Playing Cards
    • 8 The Wish® Crystals and 8 Crystal Cards
    • The Wish® Instruction Booklet
    • 8 sided Wish Dice
    • 1 Wish Action Notepad and 1 Wish pencil

The Wish® can be played on your own or with a group of up to 8 players.

Make a Wish these Holidays … and become our next Wish success story! 



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