The Wish Starter Pack


Get your Wishing underway with our special Wish Starter Pack.  

The Wish® Starter Pack includes 1 of everything you need!


  • The Wish® Silk playing board
  • 398 The Wish® Playing Cards
  • 8 The Wish® Crystals and 8 Crystal Cards
  • 8 sided Wish Dice
  • The Wish® Instruction Booklet
  • 1 Wish Action Notepad and 1 Wish pencil
  • 50 double sided gloss Action cards to record your Wish and Action Steps
  • One size fits all Wish Crystal bracelet (approx 15 crystals per bracelet)
  • The Wish® can be played on your own or with a group of up to 8 players


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Get together with a group of your closest friends and have some fun sharing a game of The Wish!

You will laugh, you will cry and best of all you will connect from the heart with authentic conversations that only The Wish can deliver!

The more open and honest you are in playing The Wish the greater the insights and assistance you will receive, and the closer you will come to your Wish being fulfilled.

Be willing to help others on their Wish journeys through your observations and comments AND be willing to be helped by your fellow players too. Keep in mind that sometimes the people around us can see things that we may not yet be able to see ourselves!

Wear your Wish bracelet as you play your game ~ it will assist you to strengthen your connection to your Wish, and will turn up the volume on the messages and insights you receive around your wish coming true!

And remember to write your Wish and action steps on your Wish Action cards at the end of each game. Keep them with you or place them on your fridge to remind you to complete your actions. Once you’re done, turn your Action card over and declare to the Universe ~ “I played The Wish and changed my life!”

Now wait to see what happens next!! ….

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