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If you enjoy getting together with your friends and love the idea of helping each other to make your wishes come true, then ORDER YOUR COPY of The Wish today.

Here’s what some of our biggest fans are saying about their experiences of playing The Wish:

” My friends and I played The Wish for the first time last night and it was so much fun!!  It was incredible to see how quickly the game worked. The cards and messages were so clear. We loved it and can’t wait to play again.”  Mardi, Bali Indonesia

” The Wish is so beautiful in every way, from its packaging, the silk playing board, the crystals and the gilt edged cards.  You feel so abundant and special when you play.  I know it’s a game I will treasure for a long time.”  Anna, Vancouver

” The Wish is like no game I’ve ever played, it really is amazing!  I highly recommend it!”   John, Auckland NZ

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  • I think The Wish is incredible. I was totally blown away the first time I played the game, it was like having a direct conversation with the Universe!  You have created something really special Louise. Congratulations!
    Marty, Vancouver
  • Fantastic game with so much value!
    Pauline, Gold Coast Australia
  • Played The Wish for the 5th time last night around my physical body and love. Thank you for facilitating the insights received, Louise.

    Nathan, Gold Coast Australia
  • The Wish opens up one's heart and mind to so many possibilities...thank you for creating it! xx

    Jenny, Sydney Australia
  • Just got home and already playing The Wish game. Oh.My.God. So glad I got it!

    Codruta, London UK
  • I facilitated a game of The Wish for a single friend of mine almost a year ago.  She wished "to meet the man I want to spend the rest of my life with".   She met a wonderful person that has been making her so happy and she just told me that he proposed during the holiday they are on in Paris!!!! So happy!

    Emma, Melbourne Australia
  • We had so much fun and wishes are already becoming reality…Thank you Louise … the game is so supportive
    Christine, Adelaide Australia
  • I played The Wish Game with [a friend] last night and both of us are having some big changes occur today to set us into action for our wishes to come true! This game has been a game changer for shifting your energies into a more aware state of mind.  

    Heidi, Blandon PA
  • Had my first experience of The Wish tonight and it was amazing!

    Eileen, Latchford UK
  • played today... LOVE! thank you 

    Jason, Melbourne Australia
  • I loved playing The Wish game for the second time last weekend. Fun and empowering!  

    Judee, Tallahassee Florida
  • My husband  and I wished to get our music out to more and more people and now 'Divine Union' is feature artist of the month on Hay House Radio!!!! They did a great interview with us and even played 6 of our songs off the new album 'Songs of Affirmation'. Thanks to 'The Wish' and thanks to Louise Laffey for creating it!

    Lindsay, Bowral Australia
  • Sooo much fun!

    Barbara, Murwillumbah Australia
  • Played the game yesterday with friends and was very enlightened!

    Tashia, Melbourne Australia
  • I really got so much clarity, wisdom and support from The Wish game that my whole perspective changed on the issue I came here with, that stopped me realizing my wish.  The game is wise, insightful and deeply loving and caring. I got what I came here for.  
    Monica, Melbourne Australia
  • Just starred in my first feature film and preparing to have a show I composed have its US debut Off Broadway this summer... Thank you Universe, Louise and The Wish!!!

    Charleene, Tampa Florida
  • On a first meeting with a client yesterday, I immediately began to find a synergy and trust that allowed me to move into some deep personal space with them.  After conversing for hours, intuitively I felt that the level of guidance I could offer would be better suited by allowing them the opportunity to discover themselves through The Wish. 

    After an hour of playing the game there were realisations for us both. There was truths remembered and lessons of change delivered that proved invaluable to our journey.   Today I see that they have taken their learnings, applied them and shared them for others to take on as well.  Thank you Louise for the opportunity to ripple out love to the world. Humanity is truly blessed with your gift. x

    George, Sydney Australia
  • I so love this game! …  Blessings to you all, you give me great thinking material and inspirations - thank you! xox

    Jenni, Bendigo Australia
  • My wishes are coming true faster than I can say, as I get more aligned with my true self the wishes come to me faster and faster. I feel so blessed and appreciative of all the things around me.

    Melinda, Cairns Australia
  • Thanks for creating The Wish game Louise, it is absolutely awesome! I wish you every success with it.  
    Daniel, Byron Bay Australia
  • Every time I tell someone about The Wish game they want me to come and play it with them as soon as I can! 
    Kate, Brisbane Australia
  • I played your game with friends at a retreat a few weeks ago. What a wonderful experience!  And the results are incredible. I love this game and have been speaking about it's beauty and power since then. Thanks for creating such a wonderful manifesting tool.  One of my favourite parts of the game, is dealing with the blocks. Where once I would have seen them as obstacles, I know see these blocks as teachers. Thanks again for this wonderful gift that keeps on giving.
    Chris, Sydney Australia
  • Congratulations, The Wish game is truly something special!
    Tracey, Melbourne Australia
  • The Wish is amazing, I loved it! I met my soul mate within weeks of playing. keep telling my friends, you have to play this game!   
    Sally, Sydney Australia

"The Wish is a great way to connect with your friends and have some fun making your wishes come true! "