Wish With Louise

I would love to share with you my secrets behind the Art of Wishing and working with energy to help you to create the life you’ve always wished for!

Best Wishes Louise x

  • Thank you Louise from the depths of my heart for your friendship, kindness, love, generosity and truth.  You are simply the best and most magnificent mentor in the entire cosmos.
    Theresa, Uki Australia
  • Thank you Louise for your love, wisdom and authenticity.
    Tania, Sydney Australia
  • …. you have changed my life.  I will be a heart teacher, because of you.  Best money I ever spent!!   Thank you ooooodles and oodles of gratitude to the best teacher on the planet.
    Donna, New Jersey
  • I am so excited to share one of my wishes came true.   Recently I wished to be on stage in front of large audiences.   A couple of weeks ago I stood on stage holding the ozzie flag being recognised for my commitment to helping people to better health, in front of over 25000 people from over 12 different countries.  So many of my wish games have manifested easily ~ I love The Wish.  Thankyou Louise Laffey

    Theresa, Uki Australia
  • Back home after enjoying a wonderful four days at MBS London with Louise.  Playing The Wish, game after game and witnessing so many people shift inner blocks, align themselves, grasp their wishes....was simply awesome!  One lady who I had played a session with, let me know that on her journey home by tube , she got chatting to a lovely guy and they swapped numbers !! Guess what her wish had been.....?? Yes a soulmate. The Wish always happens.  

    Jackie, Kilkenny Ireland
  • Yesterday I played The Wish and changed my life!  Thanks Louise Laffey you are a superstar!
    Anfernee, Sydney Australia
  • Thank you for The Wish Intensive ~ I'm enjoying so many positive changes already. Life IS easy living in the flow!!

    Julie, Bendigo Australia
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you Louise .   You are amazing ...  I want to say thank you for such a powerful lesson and insight, I can now move forward to do what I am on this planet to do, my true life purpose.
    Melinda, Cairns Australia
  • Louise, I cannot thank you enough for your time today. I feel different.  Empowered...excited...intrigued...grateful...READY!
    Krista, Los Angeles CA

"My wish? To make the world a little happier, one wish at a time."